Heathers Work,

I have my own little Den,(originally the Pottery Office)  it's a separate room at one end of the Pottery, where I keep my Computer, Printers, Books, Art Materials, and Craft Materials.  My love of Art has introduced me to Greeting Cards, each is a little picture of Portaferry, or an imaginative picture of houses and homes, some even fairly homes!! In here I can spread out my work and leave it, knowing it will be safe and untouched until my return.


Work includes paintings, ceramic jewellery and paracord bracelets

           The Original Paintings

Ballyhenry Crafts


 Ballyhenry Crafts is affiliated to Portaferry Pottery,  all the work is made by Heather, the potters' wife!  

Sold in sets of 6 Greeting  Cards,  either mixed or single pictures direct by post, or at the Portaferry market, held on the first Saturday of the month from April to December.   

I have more cards, if you are interested in the rest, I will send you some photos!  let me know!


 Cards sell at £3. ea.