Butterflies for Your Garden

Please click on picture to see the Number and Price;  In this album you’ll find a collection of some of our best photos. We hope you enjoy them!

All the photographs are marked A and B, A has the size and price, B is the reverse of A, as each side on most of the butterflies  has a different pattern.  They all hang.  but come without hanging cords.  Holes for hanging are not all in the middle, that is so Butterflies can fly at different angles.

They are all decorated in glaze, and fired, they are completely waterproof, and frost proof, they look great hanging from trees, or in a patio, etc! 

Each is priced, but no delivery price.

To Buy, please contact us : see contact page, and say which butterfly or butterflies  you would like, we will  give you a quote including Post & Packing,  then take your payment through PayPal. 

I still make Tortoises, to order, if interested please leave a message! 

If you have any questions please writw and ask.  We would love to hear from you!  Please share us on Facebook and Twitter.